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175 €
200 m2

First Coworking space of Palma del Rio, in the emblematic commercial building best located, giving distinction to your company.
What is coworking?
Coworking spaces are shared offices where self-employed professionals, teleworkers and entrepreneurs come together to work, and where space managers try to connect and create professional and personal opportunities between and for their members. Most are professionals who need nothing more than a laptop, a telephone and a good internet connection to do their job: programmers, designers, online community managers, journalists, commercials, consultants ...
Working in a coworking space is like working in a company, but instead of having colleagues in different departments, you are surrounded by professionals with different capacities, interests and networks of contacts. They are like coworkers, only that instead of belonging to another department they are in another company. In a coworking space nobody is forced to share, we all work on our own, but we are not alone. We share what we want and with whom we want.
There is work, but less and less employment: large companies increasingly rely on reduced templates and outsource many of the sections of their production. There are more and more multinationals with one person. Small teams can compete with big companies. Due to these changes and the needs of the new micro-enterprises and the self-employed, this is precisely why the current explosion of coworking is taking place: it responds to a need that was not covered until now by the market in Palma del Rio
If you consider that this new form of work may interest you, contact us, you have a shared room, an office, or even a plant at your disposal.

  • 200 m2 construïts
  • 180 m2 útils
  • 2 lavabos
  • Nou
  • Exterior
  • Planta 1ª
  • 9 armaris
  • Moblat
  • Orientació est
  • Entre 10 i 15 anys
  • Terra de terratzo
  • 3 plantes de l'edifici
  • Ascensor
  • Pati
  • Porter
  • Calefaccio central
  • Combustible elèctric
  • Aire condicionat fred / calor
  • Aigua calenta centralitzada
  • Energia aigua eléctrica
  • Alarma
Certif energètic
certif energètic
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MF Inmobiliaria, Inmobiliarias Palma del Río, Casas Córdoba, Pisos Córdoba y ventas Palma del Río

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